Sabos pillows - hand made
braided crib bumpers & decoration pillows
designed for your cozy home


The crib braided bumper - gentle and soft, protects the baby while she sleeps sweetly in his crib. This is one of the more important things that gives peace not only to the baby but also to the mother because she knows that her angel is safe in her crib. The crib bumper not only protects, it provides coziness and optically reduces the space of the crib, because babies are not yet accustomed to a large space. 

You ask, how are these braided crib bumpers better than other protective bumpers? They retain their shape perfectly, fastened with strips on the outside of the crib. With such a protector, the baby is free to observe his surroundings and his mother….
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Perfect Knot

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Cushion Star

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They talk about us:

Great pillows for both children and everyone to enliven the interior of their home. Great that you are, live on.
Kristina M.
We got a protector for the crib, very nice and meticulous work, we were impressed and very satisfied 😉❤️
Milda Gervinskienė
I want to thank you for the beauty you create💐 yesterday we received your protection - unreal beauty and thoroughness! The crib immediately became much more beautiful 🥰
Akvilė Pleirienė